Off to the Silk Road Mountain Race #SRMRNo1

Well here we go again, another adventure. Shamefully I haven’t finished documenting the race in Ireland, time has raced on and I’m now on the tube to Heathrow for a flight to Kyrgystan via Moscow

Bike is serviced and checked, fat tyres fitted and a more comfy saddle hopefully and above all, a load of useful lessons learned in Ireland will be heeded

This time I will waste less time and try and get a better finishing position. I’m hesitant to say I will race this, it’s really big in every way so a degree of caution would be sensible

Food and shelter are the big unknowns, I’m probably going to use a tarp and bivvy bag instead of a tent to save weight and replace that space and weight with as much food as I can carry

I have brought a small tent in case I get cold feet about the tarp idea at the last minute, no b&bs here!

Nearly a year of dreaming and planning to get to this point. A mixture of excitement and apprehension. I’ve no idea what this will be like. Only one way to find out!

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