The day before TAW2018

We’ll I didn’t make a very committed effort to keep this blog going. In my defense it’s been quite a busy time, I have got rather carried away since the last post and have also entered the Silk road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan in August. A busy year in prospect. A new bike has been bought, much kit has been thought about, some bought, some made and some modified. Lots of things have been weighed and weighed again. In fact I’ve become quite weight obsessed with all of the kit I’m taking.

Since months since the last post I’m at on the train to the airport with the bike not so carefully packed in its bag ready for the flight to Dublin and a 10.30 start to the Transatlantic Way Race tomorrow morning. Looks like two dry days then rain on Saturday. I’ve planned for the worst so it would be a real shame not to get the chance to use this wet weather kit I’ll be carrying!

I do feel fairly well prepared for this, my bike is comfortable, I’ve been out for plenty of training and testing so I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be. My only real worry is my back which I upset foolishly lifting something at work. If anything sidelines me that’ll be it.

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