#TAW2018 Registration

Registration from 2-4pm in the Synge Theatre. Like a Who’s Who of ultra endurance racing. Everyone looks lean, fast and very fit. Double century days are the norm here. Enormously friendly and excited atmosphere around, assisted by the glorious sunshine. I’m told the weather was consistently dreadful last year so this sunshine is being taste like an introductory offer.

A slight delay why our rooms are made ready so a good opportunity to get my bike built back up and check for any damage from the flight. Luckily it’s arrived unscathed. I’m a little embarrassed that it’s a bit filthy but it’s going to be a while load dirtier in the following days.

Constant arrivals of riders with bike boxes, bike bags and all manner of luggage combinations. I’m not sure if it was a joke but I think someone has a Brompton folding bike. Nothing would surprise me with this crew!

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  1. Great first post. I am looking forward to more reports of the epic trip!


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