Journey to the Trans Atlantic Way Race 2018

Meadows Edge Stanhope

What a week.

It started in France this year with a simple overnight bike ride up to the Alps from Provence and got a whole load more serious this week after a full on weekend’s cycling with Ian Tosh back from Edinburgh to London and to add a bit more mileage, then home from there.

Covering big distances on a bike gets a little bit addictive. I wanted to do a really big ride next year and as my chances of getting an entry in the Trans Continental Race were looking slimmer as it’s popularity increases I’ve signed up for the Transatlantic Way Race next year in June. Very much a question of a bird in the hand worth two in the bush as I learned that there were 30 places still available.

More on TAW here

This is actually sounding like a really tough challenge. Not only is the terrain relentless, with just over 9 metres of ascent for every kilometre raced,  but it is very likely that each one of those kilometres will be wet and into the full force of the Atlantic gales. Add to that the remoteness of the area and the availability of food when you need it, it’s going to be ‘brutal’ – to quote Ian. Ian signed up for TAW a while a go. He did the TCR last year as a pair with Neil Lauder but is doing TAW as a solo. I won’t be able to match his pace or indeed many of the other high quality entries that are in this race but I’ll race my own race and as always to finish first, first you must finish. Finishing will be the aim, a good time will be a bonus.

Until the start in June there are lots of aspects in planning this that need careful consideration. All journeys start with the first step, this one no different. Paying the registration fee has made it happen. I thought I ought to document the whole thing, there will be lots of planning, lots of early morning training, long weekend rides and all that before I get anywhere near the start in Dublin

Up the hill from Stow



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